Communications Specialist: Building Better Communities

Calvin Taplay

Calvin Taplay is a Communications Specialist based in Burnaby, British Columbia. He has decades of experience executing web and print communications. He produces e-mail communications services and website design using predominantly WordPress. Additionally, he uses these skills in newsletter production, media release preparation,  and communications planning. Each one of these activities has its own benefits for potential clients. He likes to strategize with clients and community organizations about the best way of presenting ideas to fulfill clients’ objectives and to meet their goals. He has a graduate degree that has helped him to understand the importance of writing and presentation.


  • Web communications,  blogging, content management system (CMS) research and evaluation.
  • Media release preparation and distribution, media liaising and conducting interviews
  • Event organization, publicity, staffing, volunteer management, and resource coordination and allocation
  • E-mail marketing, database management, performance bench-marking and analysis
  • public program development, execution, and resource management

He has worked for several years as a communications specialist with non-profit organizations. He has worked collaboratively with others passionate about how cultural production creates benefits for strong communities. Creativity is an activity which is often ignored in society and which helps to solve problems. More vibrant communities also need to think of alternative ways of dealing with the environment. Technology has the capacity to solve problems in society. As a communications specialist, Calvin is interested in the ways that technology shape our current ways of communications. Communications technologies are powerful and can be used to strengthen communities if properly applied. So-called Web 2.0 technologies have altered the way that we communicate. In the past, we would rely on print communications to be informed about the world. Today, we rely on a combination of both electronic and print materials to interact with each other.

If you would like to connect with Calvin you can do so at this email address